D.C. Copeland
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D.C. Copeland is a poet, author, and performer. Copeland's recent poetry and short stories have appeared in aaduna, The Commonline Journal and Firbolg Publishing's The Rogues Gallery. Copeland is the author of several essays on contemporary culture including those entitled Eulogy, Drugs, Suicide Society, The Current Tut Tut of Theatre, Friends, Sex Lies and Intimacy, Heaven, and Fashion Killer.

Copeland's plays have been performed in New York City, Portland, Oregon, Yale University and Williams College. In 2015, two of Copeland's plays (Play and The Undiscovered Country) world premiered in Portland, Oregon. The play, Forget-Me-Not, was a finalist in 2014 at Manhattan Repertory Theatre's One Act Festival.

Copeland graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in English and received a Masters of Arts from New York University in the Humanities. Copeland continues to perform for live audiences at various clubs and lounges around New York City. This summer Copeland will be a participant in DISQUIET: Dzanc Books International Literary Program in Lisbon, Portugal.